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Davydd Greenwood

Davydd Greenwood – Goldwin Smith Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Arts and Sciences in Anthropology, Cornell University. Dr. Greenwood is one of the earliest pro-feminist men in action and participatory research. He argued "...AR owes its recent resurgence to the feminist movement in a very direct way." (2004). He was co-founder of the Cornell Participatory Action Research Network (CPARN). He taught at Cornell University between 1970 and 2014, served as Director of the Einaudi Center for International Studies (1983-1995), Director, Institute for European Studies (2000-2008), and President of the Association of International Education Administrators, 1993-94.

Dr. Greenwood is an anthropologist focused on the anthropology of organizations (manufacturing and service) with a special interest in action research and higher education reform. He is a distinguished action researcher with a 40+ year history of work in Spain, Norway, and New York on issues as diverse as rural exodus, ethnic conflict, industrial cooperatives, participatory community development, and the role of governmental institutions in shaping and exacerbating identity politics and conflicts. He has done action research work with the cooperatives of Mondragón in the Spanish Basque Country.

He has also participated in a variety of international PhD programs in action research, most notably in Norway as part of the Norwegian industrial democracy movement. He has also done participatory community development work in de-industrialized towns in Upstate New York and in Spain's La Mancha region and a variety of action research projects to reform higher education programs. He recently served on the faculty of the European Union project Universities in the Knowledge Economy directed by Professor Susan Wright of Aarhus University, Denmark. He a Corresponding Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences and a member of the Board of Directors of the Evolution Institute.

Episode 10 with Davydd Greenwood
May 1, 2023

Episode 10 with Davydd Greenwood

In this episode, we host action researcher Dr. Davydd Greenwood. During his 40-year history of action research in Spain, Norway, and New York, he explored issues as diverse as rural exodus, ethnic conflict, industrial coopera...

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