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Cheryl Wilkins

Cheryl Wilkins is the Co-Founder and Co-Director at Columbia University’s Center for Justice (CFJ) where her work is committed to ending the nation’s reliance on incarceration, developing new approaches to safety and justice, and participating in the national and global conversation around developing effective criminal justice policy.

Cheryl is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work and has been instrumental in developing the Justice in Education Prison Program and Women Transcending. In the community, Cheryl is a board member with the Women’s Community Justice Association, a co-convener of the Justice 4 Women’s Task-Force, an advisor with the Survivors Justice Project https://www.sjpny.org/ and the formerly incarcerated Women’s International Commission, a senior advisor with the Women & Justice Project, and co-founder and executive team member with Women Building Up. She holds a graduate degree in Urban Affairs and is the recipient of the Brian Fischer Award, Davis Putter scholarship, the Sister Mary Nerney Visionary Award and the Citizens against Recidivism Award.

Jan. 31, 2023

Episode 7 with Michelle Fine, Cheryl Wilkins and María Elena Torre

In this episode, we talk to three special guests: Michelle Fine, Cheryl Wilkins and María Elena Torre, all who have been involved in a lot of groundbreaking work around social justice, gender justice, racial justice work and ...

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